Offers 3 Opportunities of FREE MSN Premium Service

By | 2005 年 06 月 01 日

之前的一个Verizon帐户属于漏网之鱼,所以清除了自己不怎么用的闲置帐户,提供出三个子帐户的机会给我的朋友们,作为儿童节的礼物 🙂

1. 立即扩容你的邮箱大小为250M,附件大小10M
2. 毋庸担心MS因为你三十天未登录邮箱而冻结你的帐户,甚至毫无通知的删除帐户
3. 用OutlookExpress/Outlook收发Hotmail邮件
4. WebMail无广告干扰
5. MSN Explorer 9.0
及其他等等MSN Premium的收费服务(家长控制除外)(详情见英文说明)。

1. 信任我
2. 修改你Hotmail的密码后发送你的Hotmail地址和密码给,简要说明.
3. 在我告知你添加成功以后,第一时间修改回你的密码。




As a free member of MSN 9 Dial-UP Premium user, newadays i can offer all of my friends with 3 opportunities of being a member account of mine as a Children’s Day’s Gift.

As a member account of a premium user, you’ll get all the features below instantly:

1. Get 250MB virtual storage with a increased attachment size of 10 MB!

2. Freedom from the 30-day Hotmail account expiration policy
Your Hotmail account will never expire. (your member account that are in good standing are exempt from automatic e-mail deletion due to inactivity)

3. E-mail without banner advertisements
Enjoy your e-mail free from graphical ads.

4.Access MSN Hotmail with Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express
Download and store MSN Hotmail messages on your PC. Read and compose messages
when you’re not online.

5. And some more exciting service:
5.1Persistent Protection
Virus Guard*
E-mail Virus Protection
MSN Junk E-mail Guard
MSN Pop-up Guard
Image Blocker

5.2 Advanced Communication
Outlook Connector
Anytime, Anywhere Access To E-mail
Multiple E-mail Account Support
250 MB Of MSN Hotmail Storage
MSN Photo Story Lite
MSN Designer E-mail With Photo Albums
MSN Messenger Photo Swap
Intellisync: PDA & Outlook Synchronization
Spell Check
MSN Alert Reminders

5.3 Useful Internet Tools All Access Gameday Audio
MSN Encarta Premium
Encarta Dictionary
Encarta Thesaurus
Homework Center
Math Homework Helper
Project Planner
MSN Photos Plus
PictureIt! Library
PictureIt! Express
MSN Money Plus
Bill Pay
Spending Analysis
Budget Tracker
Money Plus Synchronization
Customizable Dashboard
MSN Download Manager
MSN Dial-up Accelerator*

5.4 MSN Member Benefits
E-mail Attachment Size 10MB
Groups Storage 30MB
Free 24/7 Technical Support
MSN Member Center
Switching Tools
MSN Video**

*Separate download required.
**Optimized for broadband.

What You Need to DO?
1. Just Do Trust me. i’ll do nothing with your hotmail account!
2. Change your password to a new one and send it to me (This is necessary so that i can add you as a member account)!
3. Change Your password back ( or somthing else) as soon as you can just after i announce you that everything is OK!

Tell me some detail about how you know me and send me a mail with what you really want to this mail address:

Have a Nice Day!

UPDATE:All Gone!!

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  1. aqiuaqiu

    wa,e 文

  2. slowood


  3. Pal Post author

    Nothing,他只是没有注意而已,我已经提示过只剩一个了,哈哈。不过没有关系,他要求的名额不在此次限定之类,属于编外。所以,还有一个机会依然可以留着给需要的人 🙂
    Be Free to send me your request!

  4. Pal Post author

    赫赫 多Google吧。现在能用MSN 9.0人很少了,而且之前曾有很多人弄过,所以,重复劳动的意义不大啊。等MSN9.0什么时候正式在中国上市了就好了。你先自己摸索吧,有问题问我,赫赫。就当学习英文吧~~



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